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It is not necessary to travel to the Amazon to start your healing journey. It is our wish to empower you on your healing journey and after many requests we are more inspired than ever to create a home study course which provides the tools for grounding on the path of evolutionary healing! The course includes the following:

  • Interviews and talks with various evolutionary guides, elders and healers involved with the Paititi Institute’s work
  • Perspectives of the Ando-Andean healing approaches and the universal principles of human existence related to many ancestral traditions in the world
  • Foundational pillars of indigenous healing traditions: understanding the language of Mother Nature through the sensations and symptoms of the organism, dreams and all situations in life
  • Remembrance of oneself as a Universal Channel – the Bridge of Andean Kuntur, Munaychi and QiGong energy work guided practice
  • Amazonian Breathwork guided practice

The home study video course provides the essential foundational tools for unlocking the wisdom of the organism to seek equilibrium and health. It can be a powerful complement on any healing journey whether you wish to work deeper with us or follow a different path.

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